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An in depth background behind the characters, story and wider lore of the Gentleman Gamer YouTube series.


Born into a white middle class family, the Gentleman Gamer has refined the art of video game journalism to a tee. His careful, considerate and thorough mannerisms have provided audiences with a reliable and classy manner to understand video game culture. However his enduring and epic battles alongside a colourful cast of characters have provided both laughs and tears for audiences.

Since first appearing on the 30th of August 2011, the Gentleman Gamer has primarily conflicted the evil genius of Dr. Insano (first appearance S02E02, June 26 2012). The Gentleman Gamer has regularly relied upon his longtime friend, RageQuit (first appearance S01E04, December 30 2011), who is an alcoholic, former professional wrestler. Other important figures involve Le Chef (first appearance S01E04, December 30 2011).

The Chef first appearance S01E04 December 30 2011, trained under Gordon Ramsay, learned how to swear like Gordon Ramsay.

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